Fluvià 119

interiorismo de oficinas barcelona
Balañá Vicente office
18 February, 2019
diseño de espacios singulares
Showroom “Andrehas”
7 March, 2018
diseñadores de interiores en barcelona
This is our design office and from here we carry out all our projects. For no particular reason, the starting point for creating this environment was our interpretation of Miami colors. We decided to keep the more than five meters of height of its central area to compensate with volume the lack of surface. This way the side space is used for service purposes, such as a small kitchen and a very useful storage area. It’is a fresh and different space in an urban environment in full remodeling.
Construction site: Diagonal Mar, Barcelona
Built area: 55,00 sqm
Project completion: September 2017
Type of intervention: Complete renovation
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