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Samba dancing
7 March, 2018
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1,2,3 and loft
7 March, 2018
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In this complete renovation we chose blue, in almost all its chromatic varieties, as a common thread between all the spaces. In addition, we enhanced a classic style with a clear rupturist intention, which turns this small apartment into a provocateur. That's why the result is a unique design totally tuned with our client.
Construction site: La Sagrera, Barcelona Built area: 50 sqm Project completion: October 2017 Type of intervention: Complete renovation
I contacted Victoria after seeing some of her work, which I already liked. The opinions of other users also helped me a lot. Each time we were left to make decisions i felt like I was a meeting a friend. Beyond her professionalism, we connect well. She presented the projects on time and the execution was very satisfying. I'm really happy with the final result. The next coffee at my place, Victoria!

Daniel Corrales

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