Excellent professional and excellent work! We are very happy with the development of the works and with the result. Victoria is charming and has helped us a lot by adapting to our tastes and providing a lot of great ideas. A great success counting with her. Thanks to her we have a beautiful house, functional but with touches of design. We recommend her 100%!


Hiring Victoria has been the best investment we have made in the apartment, she has guided us throughout the renovation process and thanks to her excellent ideas the apartment is really beautiful. Totally recommended.

After trusting Victoria for the remodeling of our first home and later of our apartment on the beach, she has become our headboard architect / designer. We are fully confident in its both technical and artistic criteria: she is a great professional. Any small change that we want to do has to be previously approved by her to make sure we’re right.
Before its renovation, this flat was dark and we didn’t know how to make the space work for us. Victoria and Nico were able to turn an uninspiring apartment into a bright, spacious and elegant place, which we are proud to consider our home. With a limited budget renovation, they knew how to reveal the hidden secrets and recover what today makes it special.
Finding a space, falling in love with what it may become, undressing it completely and redressing it again with things that you like (or leaving it half naked )… That’s all part of the process of building your dreamed home, in which you need to spend a lot of patience and imagination. Victoria was able to make this dream come true.
Victoria always surprises me with decisions that a priori I tend to sound crazy, but once I see everything done, I’m glad to have given her free rein in all the remodeling we have been doing in our home. She knows exactly how to make the most of each centimeter and it’s amazing to see how she can make this home adapt to our needs and changes.
Refurbishing our flat in Gràcia with Victoria was a funny ménage à trois. She was always “in the middle” providing us with balance, good taste and an imppecable technical rigour; but she put herself on and off on the far side too and gave us original ideas and a touch of madness. The process was really easy, but the result is even better: an apartment that we love, where we feel good since the very first day and which makes us smile by just opening the door everytime that we come back from a trip. It’s great to be at home!
I had a pretty clear idea of how i wanted this flat to look like and, thanks to Victoria, the outcome is a whole lot better than what i had imagined. A place where i love to live.
Victoria has carried out the conversion and adaptation of a 400 sq. coastal second home into our first home. With a minimal budget, she has been able to achieve spectacular results. She knows how to get benefit from the old-fashioned elements by relocating or repainting them and she also has a special vision to determine which items should stay and which ones should go.
Victoria Aragonés has managed to completely change a historic industrial unit attributed to Gaudí by converting an unstructured and chaotic space into a symbol for our brand. Using mostly recycled textile elements, she has created a pleasant and industrial environment that provides a great shopping experience for our customers. She is an excellent professional who works with enthusiasm, strength and thrill. It has been a pleasure working with her.

Victoria refurbished the dining room and living room of our apartment. We had to renovate furniture and we wanted to gain space. She redistributed the two ambiences giving us original proposals that we would never have thought of. We went shopping together several times. She has an incredible eye to choose furniture, lamps, fabrics that fit perfectly to the style of the apartment. We are delighted and very comfortable with the result.